How to Become an Expert Archer Fast

Archery is quickly becoming a sport of choice for people all over England and around the world. If you are thinking about getting involved in the sport yourself, there are a few things you should consider first.

The Right Equipment

It starts with making sure that you have the right equipment. A reputable archery dealer will be able to help you find a recurve bow and arrow for beginners to make it easy for you to learn. Your height has a lot to do with the type of equipment you choose as does the strength in your arms. Women will be given careful consideration to make sure that bow meets their stature.

You should also know what your primary goal is. Do you plan on shooting at targets only or is this new hobby for hunting. This will make a big difference in the type of equipment chosen for you.



Once you have the right archery gear, you need to find a place to use it. There are ranges where a professional will teach you the basics and help you advance quickly. You are going to find classes for beginners, intermediates and advanced archery students.

You can also set up a practice area in your own backyard if space allows. Just be sure that you use a pet stay and play if your dog is usually free in the yard. Not only will the stay and play prevent him from being hurt by a stray arrow, it will keep him from jumping on your legs as you are trying to shoot.

Clubs and Leagues

There are archery clubs and leagues starting up all over the region where you can join other archers of similar skill levels and compete in tournaments or just show off your skills. There are even beginner clubs available that cater to those people who are still working on learning the basics.

The feeling of being with a group of fellow archers will help to improve your skills more quickly and advance you towards becoming a master.

Everyone learns at a different pace, so there is no need to be discouraged if you feel you are not advancing at the same speed as other archers in your group. This is natural, and you will catch up to the rest over time. Trainers are aware of the student’s different needs and know how to best help those who seem to be struggling.

If you are looking for an alternative to contact sports and those that have you running around, archery is a good one to consider. It has a calming effect as it teaches you to focus and concentrate on one target. This is very beneficial in relieving the stresses that daily life offers.



The Basics Behind How Your Recurve Bow Works

For archery enthusiasts, the bow and arrows they choose makes a big difference in how they play the sport. Different styles have different benefit and will affect the way you aim, shoot and hit the target. If you were considering a recurve bow, take a look at how it works and its benefits.

The recurve refers to a very simply curved bit at the very tip of the limb of the bow. Some are able to move, while others remain static. A contact recurve lets the string touch the bottom portion of the limb and stay there until you draw. Others will lift away from the belly during the draw. The later that string lifts off, the smoother your draw stroke is going to feel.

How Does That Work?

With the string contacting the belly, the bow can behave as if it is shorter. It will act as though the distance has been shortened to where the two ends are now making contact with the belly. As you pull back that distance increases giving you better leverage without stacking. This gives you a more controlled release of the arrow.

The Working Recurve

When you use a working recurve bow the recurved portion of the limb is going to bend as you draw. As you pull back the string lifts off of the belly giving it the feel of being a longer limb than it really is. You want to look for one where the angle of that string stays at a slight angle when you reach full draw position. This allows for more leverage on the limb than with the straight tipped or reflexed bows. Whether or not the string is able to completely lift off of the belly will depend on the shape of the recurve. The working recurve is going to have some play as you pull back, but should never become straight. A great discussion on these bows can be found at

hungarian recurve bow

A Static Recurve

When you use a static recurve, the ends of the tips should not bend at all, but rather remain slightly curved. When you are pulling back the string is going to lift off of the limb but not all the way and it will remain in contact with some point of the belly for the entire draw. This greatly reduces any vibration and allows for clean quiet shot.

As your skill level grows, you should experiment with these different styles to find the one that offers you the best aim and comfort. For some, they are hooked on just one style of recurve bow, while for others the challenge of adjusting to the slight differences adds a little more fun to the sport.


Archery basics: Arrows and it’s components

bow and arrowArchery requires two pieces of equipment. A bow and an arrow. If you do not know much about archery you may think well that is simple. Two tools needed to start enjoying a hobby! Perfect.

Do not be fooled though. There are several types of arrows just like there are several types of bows.

So where do we begin? First let’s start with history. Arrows have been used for thousands of years. Arrows originally were pieces of flint or stone tied to wood bound by pieces of leather. They were primarily used as a hunting tool. Eventually, advancements were made and arrows become a component of battle in times of war. Many people have also speculated they were first discovered in South Africa.

Archery arrows though are very different from the primitive weapons used thousands of years ago. Today’s modern equipment consists of plastic and wooden parts. What are the components of these modern day weapons and how are they used? The two main components of an arrow are the shaft and the arrowhead. The shaft of the arrow us generally lightweight and made from lightweight wood. Typically, consisting of bamboo. Bamboo wood is some of the hardest yet lightweight possible wood you can find and typically grows in Asia. It is excellent for arrows as you want to move something lightweight from your bow, otherwise it won’t go anywhere!

The arrow head is the second main component of an arrow. Arrowheads have been around since the beginning of time; the original intentions behind the use of an arrow were for hunting and were attached to any long piece of wood with straps of leather. They were thrown to kill and later became weapons of war. The types of arrows available in the modern world would take up a whole blog post themselves but simply put there are so many and generally shooters find their own preference. They have certainly come a long way from sharpened stone and rock used thousands of years ago.

One more part of the arrow that should be noted is the “fletching” this part of the arrow sits on the backside on the other side of the arrow head and provides aerodynamic stability. There are so many types of fletchings and each one matches a different type of arrow head and arrow in general. Many of these “fletchings” are used in a multitude of different ways and are generally picked based on personal preference. Every person has a different way of shooting their bow and arrow therefore, each individual finds the components to be an individual and personal preference.

Today’s modern bows and arrows can last ages, the best part of modern equipment is the ability to change in and out each component used. Joining an archery club is the best way to learn how to use the hundreds of options available to those that want to pick up archery as a hobby. It is quickly becoming a very popular sport!


Archery 101: The Basics

To start, what is archery?

Archery is the art or practice of using a bow and arrow to hit a target. Archery is a rather old sport but it is more then a sport. The use of a bow and arrow go back thousands of years. Primarily just an arrow was used and it was carved out of stone and rock. Over time the concept of tying the arrow to a stick came about and over time it evolved into what it is today. The bow and arrow was used as a tool to obtain food and later, as a weapon of war.

But what if you want to get your foot into the door of what has become a modern day and challenging sport? Well, it begins with learning. The first component of archery is your arrow. There are so many varieties out there. But more then variety you have to find an arrow that feels good in your hands; the right weight is also a factor. How do you know what to pick? Well, that is where a professional will come in. The same concept applies to your bow. The size, the weight and how it feels in your hands; those things matter if you want to succeed in the sport. These two tools are the main components of archery.

Now, how do you start learning? Join an archery club! But why would anyone want to participate in archery or even join a club? These are probably questions a lot of people ask themselves. archery takes a lot of concentration. A phenomenal amount of concentration, patience and practice. One thing you want to do is find a club that is accepting of every level. Intimidation will never work when trying to practice such an intricate sport. Not only do you want to be in a club that will make you feel ok learning with ease, you want to take the time to learn all of the major components of the equipment itself. There are so several bows in the world of archery. How do you know what will work for you? The two most basic bows a person can start with. A bow that is used to hit the target mechanically and a bow that uses a string. Of course, there were several types that were used all through history. Finding one is a personal preference and joining a club is a great way to find the right fit. What about arrows? That in itself could be a whole post in itself! Learning how to maintain arrows, changing the weights of each arrow as you go along, and learning how to use the proper arrow with the proper bow can all be lessons within themselves.

A good archery club is a great way to start a career or even a hobby in the wide word of archery. Don’t be intimidated by the sport and give it a shot, because you don’t know until you try.